Data loggers - Pourquoi changer pour le NFC ?

Data loggers – Why Should You Change for NFC ?

Easy to Use

Above all, an NFC data logger is very easy to use. It does not require any user training and does not require a cable or computer to be read.

In a single gesture and without contact, it is now possible to read, send and store temperature data instantly.

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3 billion reading possibilities

You just need an NFC Smartphone and approach it to the data logger so that it starts automatically!

You are never short of solutions, there are nearly 3 billion compatible smartphones in the world.

The list of NFC Smartphones


Technological, Practical and Affordable

An NFC data logger is more than just a robust and affordable temperature recorder, it gives you access to premium features like geolocation at each reading.

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Data loggers USB - Quels Risques pour votre Entreprise ?

USB Dataloggers – What Risks for your Company ?

USB Data loggers : An Important Risk

According to the Allianz 2017 risk barometer, companies cite cybers incidents as the third most important danger.  These fears are justified.

Among the most important risks, the infestation by the USB removable supports represents a real and serious threat. The situation is to the point that, gradually, USB storage media are banned by companies concerned about their safety.


The End of USB

Hardware manufacturers themselves remove gradualy the traditional USB 2.0 plugs from their computers.

As an example, Apple have already removed USB plugs from some of their models.

The IT security policies of many companies now force to return all removable media such as USB dataloggers to their owners…



The USB hacking technique is one of the most effective. According to Wikileaks, the CIA itself has developed a hacking technique based on removable storage media…  A mechanism that has already been exploited by Stuxnet, the malware that infected the centrifuges of the uranium enrichment program of Iran.

Do the USB security risks and the emergence of new modes of communication (NFC, Bluetooth) are pushing the traditional USB dataloggers towards the exit?


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Management of Data from Dataloggers

Traditionally, the data processing activity consists of reconciling raw data from autonomous recorders to information metadata (product identification, transport information, etc.)

Most current data processing processes combine electronic data with paper information in a coexistence that requires either paper printing or the digitization of paper documents, or sometimes both.

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Recommendations concerning the transport of health care products under controlled temperatures

Within the framework of their public health responsibilities (articles R. 5124-36, R. 5124-48, R. 5121-23 and L. 5124-2 paragraph 2 of the Public Health Code, Good Manufacturing and DistributionPractices, etc.), pharmaceutical establishments must provide a high level of quality in the manufacturing of health care products for dispensing to patients.

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Gestion des données de température - Dataloggers

Launch of a New Range of Services

Thermolabo announces the launch of a range of services and the implementation of an interoperable universal internet platform capable of managing the traceability of the transport conditions of healthcare products, regardless of the brand or type of sensors used.

“We started from the observation that one of the biggest difficulties in temperature monitoring is data recovery. Most of the time, laboratories devote a significant part of their quality resources for that task”

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