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Sensolabo Approved by Emirates Airlines

Sensolabo recorders are compliant with IATA requirements and can be shipped by air in accordance with UN 3091, Packing instructions 970 section II on lithium cells and batteries.

Equipped with a lithium button battery, Sensolabo requires no specific labeling.

Moreover, unlike Bluetooth technology, NFC technology is a passive technology that does not emit radio waves. Sensolabo does not need to be stopped during flights and does not require any special authorization from airlines.

Find here the approval of the airline Emirates.

Utilisation en vol de sensolabo
Emirates Airlines has approved Sensolabo data logger for in-flight use on all of its aircraft.
clavier de protection des données

Management of Data from Data loggers

Temperature Management

Traditionally, the data processing activity consists of reconciling raw data from autonomous recorders to information metadata (product identification, transport information, etc.)

Most current data processing processes combine electronic data with paper information in a coexistence that requires either paper printing or the digitization of paper documents, or sometimes both.

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les différents data loggers gérés par Thermolabo

Launch of a New Range of Services

An interoperable & universal internet platform for temperature traceability

Thermolabo announces the launch of a range of services and the implementation of an interoperable universal internet platform capable of managing the traceability of the transport conditions of healthcare products, regardless of the brand or type of sensors used.

“We started from the observation that one of the biggest difficulties in temperature monitoring is data recovery. Most of the time, laboratories devote a significant part of their quality resources for that task”

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