Temperature, Humidity, Single Use or Reusable: Make Your Choice!

Sensolabo® USB Temperature Data Loggers Offer a Universal Solution to All Those Who Want to Ensure an Effective Monitoring of Their Thermo and Hygro Sensitive Products. (Vaccines, Biologicals, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food Products...)

No Need for Cable, Specific Software or Installing a Driver, when the Sensolabo® Stand Alone Recorders Are Connected to a USB Port, they Automatically and Instantly Deliver a PDF Graphic Report and the CSV Data File (Excel).

Comparatif Sensolabo 2800 × 480 px 1

Purchase per Unit

Buy the Quantity You Really Need.
SUD, SUHD, MUD and MUHD are Available Per Unit, with no Minimum Order.

Immediate Availability

An Unforeseen and Urgent Need? All our References are Available and in Permanent Stock to Meet Your Expectations.

Express Delivery

Your Orders Are Shipped in 24/48 Hours.
We Deliver Worldwide and Manage the Restocking of your Remote Sites.

Copie de Sensolabo SUB ECO officiel 304 × 152 px 800 × 400

Sensolabo® SUB-ECO

The Most Economical Temperature Data Logger in the Range.

Up to 100 Days of Continuous Monitoring.
Programmable Triple Alarm, Resealable ZIP Pouch and Removable Barcode Label

IATA Compliant 800 × 400

100% Air Transport Compliant

All Sensolabo® Data Loggers May Be Shipped Without Constraint Or Restriction.

They Contain A Single Button Cell Contained In The Equipment And May Be Shipped Under Exception UN 3091 PI 970 Section II. They Do Not Require Any Specific Labeling or Hazardous Materials Declaration.

For Your Peace of Mind, This Information Is Written On All Our Single-Use Recorders. (SUB ECO, SUB, SUD, SUHD).

Sensolabo® SUB

Copie de Icon 100 Days Copie de Copie de Icon 100 Days Copie de Copie de Copie de Icon 100 Days Icon 100 Days Icon Reconfigurable Icon Cloud

Premium Electronic Components in an Ultra Compact Format.

Integrated Data Management Cloud Platform That Complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Requirements.
For Demanding Users.

SUB officiel 800 × 400

Digitize your Cold Chain

The Cloud Environment Offered as Standard and Free of Charge with Sensolabo® SUB & SUD Allows You to Immediately Digitize All of Your Monitoring Data.

The Cloud Platform, Accessible From an Internet Browser Is Designed To Meet The Highest Regulatory Requirements (FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant).

On Arrival, Your Recipient Just Needs to "Drag and Drop" the Temperature File to Trigger the Automatic Data Backup and Integration.

Design sans titre

Immediately and at No Cost

You and the Users of Your Organization who wish, Can Automatically Receive an Email Alert to be Informed in Real Time of the Arrival of Any New Recording or Only of Those Presenting a Temperature Excursion.

From Your Personalized Cloud Space, You Can View Your Temperature Curves, Export Data, Associate a Batch Number, Determine the Compliance of a Record, Post Comments and Even Photos!

SUD 800 × 400

Sensolabo® SUD

The Best Seller!

High Accuracy Calibrated Digital Sensor and Large LCD Screen in a Robust Case.
Integrated Data Management Cloud Platform Compliant with FDA Requirements 21 CFR Part 11.

Customization? It's Included!

Beyond Demonstrating your Commitment to Quality, Customizing Your Recorders (SUB, SUD, SUHD) is a Great Way to Prevent Their Use for Other Purposes and Enable an Adequat Return of your Reports!

On Sensolabo® SUD & SUHD, We Can Also Add Specific Instructions for the Attention of your Partners (Contact Email, What to do in the Event of an Excursion, etc.).

Customization 1

Sensolabo® SUHD

Copie de Icon 100 Days RH Icon Copie de Copie de Icon 100 Days Copie de Copie de Copie de Icon 100 Days Icon 150 Days Icon Reconfigurable

Comprehensive and Flawless Monitoring

Calibrated Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor. 28,000 Records Memory to Offer Very High Performance for 150 Days.

SUHD officiel 800 × 400

Our Attentions Make the Difference

MUD 800400

Sensolabo® MUD

Easy to Use, Robust and Efficient

Reusable Without Limits. Its Programming and Reading Takes Only A Few Seconds.
Programmable Multi-Segment Alarm (4 alarms).

Calibration Certificate

All our Loggers are delivered with a Calibration Certificate. (Paper or Digital Version Depending on Model).

Individual Checking

We carry out a Systematic and Individual Control of all the Recorders Before Their Dispatch.

Product Warranty

We offer an Automatic Replacement Guarantee in the Event of a Hidden Defect.

Sensolabo® MUHD

Full Transport or Storage Surveillance.

Extreme Versatility. 2 Temperature Alarms + 2 Humidity Alarms.
High Precision Calibrated Digital Sensor.

MUHD 800 × 400