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Use our High Visibility Tilt Indicators.

THERMOLABO Tilt Indicators allow you at any time and at a glance, to check whether your package has suffered a tilt or an inclination greater than 80 degrees.

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Design Made In France.
High Visibility & High Quality.

With its striking colours and large companion sticker, this tilt indicator is highly visible and effectively signals your shipping instructions.

Manufactured under an ISO 9001 environment and in compliance with ROHS regulations, it is the guarantee of flawless quality.

Reduce Easily and Quickly the Cost of Your Transport Damage
An Unbeatable Return On Investment!


Deter Mishandling and Empower Supply Chain People.
Highlight the vertical warning and demonstrates your commitment to quality.


Reduce transport damage.
Reduce direct costs (Total value of damaged goods) and indirect costs (Management time and Insurance).


Enhances the quality of possible remedies and improves total compensation values.
Optimize logistics performance and customer satisfaction.

Suitable for All Products

Water heater, photocopier, electrical cabinets, etc...
Our tilt indicators are pre-drilled and self-adhesive. They can be positioned on all products without size or weight constraints.

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Simple and Without Extra Cost

With Thermolabo, there are no surprises and no extra costs!
We supply a large-format positioning label and a warning sticker with every tilt detector. Then, you get the optimal solution to improve your quality as soon as you buy.

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And all our Solutions to Monitor and Protect your Supply Chain.

Companion Sticker
A Large Format for an Enhanced Visibility.

Increase the visibility of your tilt indicator by using the companion sticker provided with each indicator. It contains precise instructions to follow in case the indicator is triggered.

Bilingual French / English - Dimensions 134 X 197 mm

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Info Label
The Easy Filling of your Transport Documents

Simply stick this label on the transport documents or the delivery note to indicate the presence of your tilt indicator to your partners. Don't forget to include its unique serial number for a perfect traceability.
Bilingual French / English - Dimensions 76 X 25 mm

Our Tilt Indicators: A "Simple to Use" Solution

Don't Wait to Protect your Goods from a Tilt!

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Bilingual Text Validated by Professionals

The tilt indicator, stickers and accompanying's documents are fully written in French and English.
The Instructions have been validated by transport professionals.

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