Sensolabo® = Data logger + Reading App + Cloud Space

Much more than a Data Logger, Sensolabo® is a Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution that includes a Reading App AND a Data Management Cloud Platform (Compliant with 21CFR part 11).

Contactless = No Constraints

With One Movement, Thanks to Sensolabo® it is now Possible to Read, Send and Instantly Store your Traceability Data Without any User Effort and Without Any Technical Installation.

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Contactless = Simple, Efficient and Universal

Simply come near with an enabled compatible Sensolabo® reader to automatically AND instantly trigger data tranfer and process. At each reading, you are immediately informed by email!

NFC Logo

Ultra secure, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is used for all your contactless payments.

NFC is already embedded in most smartphones, tablets and professional logistic terminals.

It can also be implemented on any computer with a simple NFC reader.

There are already more than 3 billion devices enabled to read Sensolabo® in the world. This is the assurance of being able to read Sensolabo® anywhere in the world.

There are many benefits in using NFC technology over Bluetooth. Speed of data transmission, energy autonomy, data security...

It is a passive technology that does not emit radio waves.

Sensolabo® does not require any special authorization from airlines and does not need to be stopped during flights.

But its main advantage is the ease of use. No need to pair the logger with the reader or download an application beforehand.

no bluetooth

The Data Logger

Sensolabo® Gives Access to Unique Premium Features at this Price Level such as Geolocation, a Digitized Calibration Certificate and a Positioning Sticker ....


From -40°C to +60°C. Accuracy of 0.2°C between 0 and 30°C. Calibration certificate integrated. European Manufacturing. Fabrication Européenne.


Geolocation at every reading. Access to geographic positions from the smartphone app or the web console.


Single Use or Multi Use, Many versions ranging from 30 days to 1 year.


Ultra compact - Thickness of 2.5mm. Waterproof, easy to slip into a package or stick on a shipping card.


Easy start with ergonomic Start button. Programmable LEDs (Green / Red) for a fast check of the cold chain integrity.


Eco-conception. Recycling of 100% of dataloggers returned to Thermolabo.


Dataloggers and Application can be customized with the logo of your laboratory. (Name, logo, Colors)

Available in Single Use or Reusable Version - Temperature or Temperature + Humidity

The Reading Application

The Android app appears automatically when approaching an enabled Sensolabo® reader. No need to download it beforehand, no need for training, or long explanations, graphs and files are available to your recipient with one easy finger movement.

Application Lecture des Températures - Thermolabo

Access the free app.

Your Cloud Space

Comfortably and at any time, you can view and export temperature graphs, data (PDF, CSV) and visualize the geolocation of each record. Manage users, set alert thresholds ... all your data are stored on secure servers.

Access Your Secure Cloud Space

Inspiring Business Cases

Storage, sea or air transport, distribution, ambient or controlled temperature, there are many ways to use Sensolabo®. You are looking to save time, strengthen your compliance, extend your export capabilities ... while reducing your costs? Here are some inspiring customers cases.

Why Change For Sensolabo®?

Very easy to implement, Sensolabo® temperature and humidity monitoring solution opens up concrete perspectives to significantly improve your current traceability process.


Compliant with 21CFR part 11. No data manipulation = risk reduction


Geolocation at every reading. Access to geographic positions from the smartphone app or the web console.


Time Saving + No Technical Installation (no router...) + Competitive Costs + No Commitment

You Will Never Run Out of Solutions!

In addition to the many reading solutions already available (Smartphones, Tablets, Professional-Grade Readers ), you can also equip your desktop computer with a wired USB/NFC reader... or give your employees on the field a NFC Wifi and 2G / 3G portable terminal.

USB NFC Reader

NFC Portable Reader

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Lecteur NFC Professionnel Sans Contact

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