Tilt Indicator


High Visibility – Single Use.

  • Companion stickers INCLUDED (Positioning and packing slip)
  • Instruction manual SUPPLIED


  • Exclusive design / Bilingual French/English
  • Tamper-proof
  • Individual identification by serial number and bar code
  • ROHS compliant
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The Tilt Indicator allows you at any time and at a glance to check whether your package has suffered a tilt or an inclination greater than 80 degrees.

This is the tool No. 1 for Preventing and Reducing Transport Disputes.

Activate the tilt detector by peeling the adhesive backing from the device.

The tilt indicators are suitable for all tilt-sensitive products (water heater, photocopier, electrical cabinets, etc..). They enable your customers to express indisputable reservations even if there is no damage at first sight.

The indicator is triggered only in case of tilt or inclination greater than 80 degrees. If your package did not remain upright, the round indicator in the middle of the device will turn irreversibly red.


Contents of one box:

100 SINGLE-USE adhesive tilt indicators
100 Companion stickers 134 X 197 mm
100 Info labels (To stick on your packing slips). 76 X 25 mm
1 instruction manual

The tipping indicator and the companion stickers are written in French and English. All logistic instructions have been approved by transport professionals.


Technical Specifications

Size: 75 mm X 60 mm
Components: Semi glossy adhesive paper, plastic case, stainless steel pad
Installation : Adhesive on the back. Holes for drilling. Adheres to all surfaces (cardboard, wood…)
Temperature of use : -40° to + 60°C
Humidity of Use : 5% to 99%.
Angle of Activation : 80° (+/-5°)
Reactivity: Responds to a single tilt.
Shelf Life: 2 years from date of purchase (storage 20°C 15-80% RH Non-condensing)




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