METTCOVER : Make the Choice of a World Class Leading Manufacturer.

METTCOVER has one of the largest production capacities in the world and offers the widest range of thermal covers for pallets, drums and isothermal kits for air and sea containers.

9 Insulating Layers

METTCOVER Covers hold up to 9 layers of insulation.

16 Protection Grades

The Product Range includes 16 Grades to meet all your needs.

A Tailor-made Offer

All Custom Sizes are available on order.

For your Most Sensitive Products.

Resulting from METTCOVER research, the MET-Q range - Very High Performance - is designed to protect your most sensitive products in high thermal constraints environments.



Housse isolante pour palette



The best thermal protection in the range
Ideal for protecting high value products in extreme conditions.

Unbeatable Weight/Performance Ratio
Ideal for providing maximum protection for products at room temperature (15°C/25°C)

Suitable for transport and storage. High performance and strength to give you optimum protection and long lasting reuse.

Breathable, and Lightweight
Ideal for perishable products that require excellent thermal protection and ambient breathability.

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Versatility and Performance

Resulting from METTCOVER experience, the X-PRO - High Performance - range offers unrivaled versatility.

Depending on the model, the performance provides excellent thermal protection and preserves your products against climatic aggressions or environmental risks during the transit or even prolonged storage phases.


The Optimum All Season Solution. Ideal for optimum thermal protection in summer and winter.


The ultimate Protection Against Climatic Aggressions The inner face, in microporous synthetic, absorbs excess moisture for better preservation of your products.


High Tear and Puncture Resistance Ideal for long-term protection against climatic and environmental risks of products at room temperature (15°C/25°C).

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Efficient and Competitive

The competitiveness of the BUB and PAF ranges allows you to Control your Budget Without Compromising on Quality.

Insulating, Reflective, the covers of the BUB and PAF ranges provide you with all the essential performances for the preservation of your products during the transit and/or storage phases.

BUB 902

Double layer air bubble structure. The perfect balance between an optimum insulation time and an effective sun protection.

BUB 901

Insulation Equivalent to 45 mm of Polystyrene. An unbeatable quality-price-performance ratio.

PAF 901

Pure Aluminum On Both Sides. 0.315mm thick. All the Advantages of the Exceptional Properties of Aluminum.

PAF 902

Pure Aluminum On Both Sides. 0.16mm thick. "Full Aluminum" Protection at the Best Price.

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The Essential Protection

The MF range is designed for shipments of products that need to be stored at room temperature in an environment with moderate thermal constraints.

Particularly competitive, the MF range offers essential protection for your products in terms of both heat and reflectivity

Housse Isotherme Palette
Housse Isotherme Palette

MF 901

Versatile and efficient. Aluminium inner face.

MF 902 & MF 904

Microporous Synthetic Inner Face to Absorb Excess Moisture. Thickness 0.42 mm (MF902) and 0.28 mm (MF904).

MF 903

Inner and Outer Face in Reflective Metallized Polyester (MPET) Structure in Non-woven Polypropylene.

MF 905

The Most Economical Solution. Outer face in Reflective Metallized Polyester (MPET).

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