Indicateur de retournement ou renversement

What is a Tilt Indicator?

A tilt indicator, also known as a reversal indicator, is a single-use device. It allows to visually check if an object on which it is usually stick has not been turned over or too much, a situation that could lead to its breakage or damage. The tilt indicator is mainly used in transport and logistics.

Its appearance deliberately attracts the attention of the operators in the supply chain. It encourages them to take special care during handling. The indicator allows a consignee to establish an extremely fast report on the state of the products which are delivered to him. The recipient can thus take the necessary reserves in order to preserve its interests but also those of the shipper.

Its cost, generally modest, and its great ease of use contribute to its widespread use during the transport of the most sensitive products. Find here the latest generation of Thermolabo Tilt indicators.

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