Our Approach is Based on the Belief That Heathcare Products Must be at the Core of Priorities !

Ground-based, our operational consulting services are designed to assist quality and logistics departments in improving the monitoring of sensitive products during transportation.

Whatever the nature of the mission, we adapt our approach to your needs and combine experience, confidence and flexibility to provide you a high quality service, fully compatible with your needs.

Our analyzes and recommendations are free from any conflict of interest and our interventions totally confidential.

Some examples of missions:

  • Drafting Technical Specifications / Agreements (IT Databases, Transport, Logistics, Temperature controlled packaging etc..)
  • Tenders Management
  • Negotiation assistance (Cost Reduction : Transport , Packaging, Monitoring...)
  • Innovation Consultancy (IT Databases, Specific IOT devices development...)

In everything we do, we seek balance between ambition and humility, optimism, and cultivate the belief that there is a solution, an innovation, a way to progress for every problem.

client de thermolabo heureux derrière son ordinateur