Médicaments avec thermomètre pour surveiller la température

What is a Data Logger ?

Temperature Recorder

For the pharmaceutical industry, “data logger” is widely used to designate a device used for monitoring thermo-sensitive pharma products during transport and / or temporary storage.

Battery-powered, formerly mechanical, the data logger is today an electronic device that can be programmed to record individual values over periods of a few hours to several months.

Mostly used to monitor the temperature conditions, according to the versions, it can also measure the relative humidity and thus ensure that the pharma products have not suffered any degradation during the transport phase.

Data Logger Management

There are today a multitude of brands and models of data loggers. Most of the time, the data logger is usually a connectable device that must be plug to a computer to extract the data. This implies in the first place to have the data logger to have the data.

For users, given the complexity of logistics flows, it is frequent to manage several types of recorders at the same time in a total absence of common standards. Quite often, reading requires a specific cable or software and the use of USB removable media like low cost models represents a real danger for users IT infrastructure that brings the complexity to a higher level.

The management of this organization requires costly human resources whose lack of efficiency is often deplored. Therefore the system is constrained by the heaviness and complexity of the tasks to be performed.

Contactless Monitoring

Driven by the digital revolution and the amount of digital data to manage, it becomes essential to automate the collection, processing of data and alerts.

The so-called near field technology (NFC) now opens up concrete opportunities that can significantly improve the operational efficiency of our cold chain monitoring processes.

Indeed, the innovative Sensolabo® NFC secures and accelerates this process.  Data extraction, transmission, cloud storage and geolocation is made within fractions of a second only…And the sender is alerted at the same time !


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