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Sensolabo® NFC Temperature Data Loggers Approved by Emirates Airlines

Sensolabo recorders are compliant with IATA requirements and can be shipped by air in accordance with UN 3091, Packing instructions 970 section II on lithium cells and batteries.

Equipped with a lithium button battery, Sensolabo requires no specific labeling.

Moreover, unlike Bluetooth technology, NFC technology is a passive technology that does not emit radio waves. Sensolabo does not need to be stopped during flights and does not require any special authorization from airlines.

Find here the approval of the airline Emirates.

Utilisation en vol de sensolabo
Emirates Airlines has approved Sensolabo data logger for in-flight use on all of its aircraft.

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  • Venu

    Please quote for 10 x Sensolabo Temperature/Humidity loggers that is approved by Emirates cargo, we need multi usable one.

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