Connected, Connectable, Single or Multiple Use, We Have Solutions to Manage Your Fleet.

Supply Management

Orders management, transport management, deliveries tracking, stock management and replenishment on remote sites will soon be a thing of the past for you...

Stocks Management

No more stock-outs, we manage your stock levels based on the thresholds you have defined beforehand. And if necessary, on request, we carry in express new recorders.

Configuration & Settings

Settings for the reuse or before use, we manage all settings based on your instructions.


Every datalogger is clearly identified thanks to a customized sticker. All are assigned to each of your partners on your behalf: no more losses and misuse!


Multi-use recorders require calibration at regular intervals to ensure their accuracy of the measurement. We manage calibration operations with the manufacturers of the devices.


Thermolabo organizes the recycling of used recorders in accordance with the European Directive 2002/96/EC. In addition, we provide all documents and certificates of destruction.

We manage the life cycle of your data loggers

cycle de vie des data loggers chez thermolabo transparent

SIM Cards Management

You have trouble managing your SIM cards inventory and monitoring your consumption? Ordering one or more cards, activating your connected devices, suspending and canceling SIM cards?

pile de cartes SIM
Autocollant pour transport de matières dangereuses

Regulated Transport Management

The transportation of goods containing batteries is regulated. We bring support in accordance with the international rules for transport.


Ensuring the traceability of your products in motion begins with a better identification. Whatever the language, we carry out all the identification operations to make your devices visible and instructions for use clear.

Exemple de stickage de data logger réalisé par thermolabo pour un laboratoire pharmaceutique
Exemple d'autocollant data logger sur un carton de médicaments


What's more frustrating than wasting time looking for a datalogger at reception? We systematically provide identification stickers to help your logistics teams and especially your consignees to locate the dataloggers.


Reprocessing of your multi-use dataloggers, resetting, check of settings and alerts. Test operations and check of calibration schedules.


Customization / Pre-Paid Cards

Visual Customizing: We can adapt the look of your dataloggers to the graphical identity of your company through the design and implementation of dedicated stickers. This kind of personalization has many advantages including: rapid identification of your fleet, strengthening the sense of belonging for users and facilitating the acceptance of the measure...

Technical Customizing: We can add a procedure card to your dataloggers to help for a better understanding of some operating procedures, to provide specific information (site name, product name ...) or to translate your instructions in the language of the country of shipment or delivery...

exemple de courrier prépayé pour le retour des data loggers
exemple verso de retour pré-payé des data loggers

Special Operations

Do you want to add a double-sided tape on the back of your dataloggers? A postage-paid return envelope? A special packaging?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will find a solution.