Single Use Temperature Recorder - Automated Edition of PDF and CSV Reports - Cloud Data Management Environment

A Universal Solution ...

Ready to Start, Sensolabo® USB fits with all cold chain transportation expectations.

Your alarms are already setup and its high-precision digital sensor guarantees simplicity and precision..

Ideal for air transport, Sensolabo® USB meets IATA requirements. It does not require any specific declaration or labeling.

The LEDs indicate the status of your shipment and PDF and CSV reports are automatically edited when plugged into a PC.

Enregistreur de température USB
protection des médicaments thermosensibles grâce aux données

... Redesigned and Improved

Sensolabo® USB overcomes the constraints of traditional USB recorders. Its Cloud environment is designed to comply with the most demanding regulatory requirements (21 CFR Part 11).

Just "drag and drop" the temperature files to trigger the data backup. At the same time, users who want to be informed, automatically receive an email notifying them of a new recording or a temperature excursion.

Export the data, determine the conformity status of a recording, post comments or photos. All of these possibilities and many more are now available to you thanks to Sensolabo® USB!

How It Works?

One Push

Sensolabo® USB recorders are pre-configured according to your needs. Just press the button to start. The green LED flashes. Place your recorder within your shipment.

One Plug

Plug Sensolabo® to the USB port of a computer. PDF & CSV files are automatically generated and available to your recipient. The memory of Sensolabo® cannot be erased.

One Cloud

From anywhere, at anytime, and in less than a minute, upload the data file to the Cloud platform from an internet browser. Email alerts and backup are triggered automatically.

Your New Possibilities


As an administrator, you can delete, modify or add new users. You can build a hierarchy between your different organizations (A head office and its subsidiaries for example) and thus assign or reassign your recorders to the organization of your choice.

Each user can freely choose to be alerted in the event of a new record or only in the event of a temperature excursion.


The powerful integrated search engine and the color code make it easy to find a record based on the information that have been filled. (Status, Products, Transport ..). With one click, you access the raw data, the audit trail, and the dynamic graph in which you can zoom in to automatically recalculate the averages (Arithmetic, MKT).


For each recorder, before or after shipping, you can add comments, the product or delivery reference. You can also change the status of a record and determine its compliance with a single click.

Nothing is deleted. All information is saved in your Audit Trail.


PDF or CSV, all your data and information can be exported with a single click, as many times as you want and at any time. The data cannot be modified on the Cloud platform.

USB Temperature Recorder - Single Use

Main Features

  • Pre-configured - Ready to Start
  • Electronic Silicon Temperature Sensor
  • Anti-Stop Security (Button inactive after start-up)
  • Programmable LEDs for Visual Inspection
  • Setup parameters displayed on the front panel
  • Up to 120 days of recording
  • No software required. No technical installation
  • Validation certificate available from the Cloud
  • Individually configurable automatic email alerts


Enregistreur de température USB

Included accessories

As standard and at no additional cost, Sensolabo® USB is delivered with a transparent self-adhesive sleeve (13 * 9.5cm). It facilitates its positioning and its identification within the shipment.

It also comes along with a location and information sticker. It gives instructions for the reading and the upload of data.


To adapt to all shipment methods, Sensolabo® USB is available in three configurations: 60, 90 or 120 days of recording.

The recording time is written on the front panel. You can't go wrong when choosing a recorder.

Technical Specifications

Data Logger TypeSingle Use Temperature
Dimensions67 x 29 x 5 mm
Weight12 g
CommunicationUSB, PC Windows Environment
Temperature Range-30°C / +70°C (22°F to +158°F)
Accuracy±0.2°C (0-30°C) ±0.5°C (Rest of the range)
Measurement IntervalConfigurable - Standard 10 min
Recording Duration60, 90 or 120 days
Memory Capacity64 000 records
Alarms4 configurable alarms
Waterproof (IP67)In its sealed plastic case
Shelf Life1 Year Storage
Validation CertificateAvailable from the Cloud
CellButton Cell CR 2032

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