USB Temperature and Humidity Data logger – Sensolabo® SUHD

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Professional USB Temperature and Humidity Logger.

Immediate & Automatic Generation of Excel + PDF Reports.

  • From -30°C to +70°C. 5 – 95% RH
  • Up to 100 Days of Recording (With 10 min interval)
  • No Need Software at Destination
  • Activated in One Press
  • Large LCD Screen
  • 28 800 Measurements Memory
  • 18 Months Shelf Life
  • Programmable Alarm
  • High Precision Digital Sensor
  • Certification: CE, Rohs compliant
  • Electronic Calibration Certificate
  • Meet IATA Regulations



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  • 200 UN : 28.90€
  • 500 UN : 27.90€

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Single Use Professional USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger. 

This temperature and humidity data logger can store up to 100 days of recording.

This stand alone temperature and humidity recorder with USB technology, connects directly to a PC. No need for a cable.

This USB data logger is intended for monitoring the storage conditions of hygro-sensitive and thermo-sensitive products such as:

  • Electronic products
  • Pharmaceutical products (effervescent tablets, capsules and powders, etc.)
  • Food products susceptible to the development of molds and bacteria.
  • Wooden products (works of art, furniture, musical instruments, etc.)
  • Textile products (clothing and delicate fabrics, carpets and leather products, etc.)

check in Ideal for monitoring transport under controlled temperature. This recorder in format of a compact USB key is 100% compatible with IATA (Air Transport) requirements. Equiped with a long-lasting CR2450 button cell battery, it can be shipped under exception of UN 3091 PI 970 section II without the need for special labeling or hazardous material declaration.

Measurement range: -30°C +70°C / 5 – 95% RH (Does not calculate dew point).

Immediate or delay start recording. This data logger is activated by pressing the Start button. This USB temperature recorder instantly and automatically generates PDF and CSV (Excel) reports when plugged into the USB port of a computer (Windows) without the need for specific software.

Status indication by programmable red and blue LEDs and large LCD display for instant temperature display, recorded MIN and MAX values. Quick visualization of compliance with the cold chain.

This temperature and humidity data logger has a high precision calibrated digital sensor (+/-0.5°C) from Sensirion (Made in Zurich – Switzerland).

Unique serial number of the recorder on the front panel. Reminder of settings and instructions are display on the rear panel.

We print your logo on the back so that your recorders cannot be confused by your suppliers.


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