Data loggers - Pourquoi changer pour le NFC ?

Data loggers – Why Should You Change for NFC ?

NFC is Easy to Use

Above all, an NFC data logger is very easy to use. It does not require any user training and does not require a cable or computer to be read.

In a single gesture and without contact, it is now possible to read, send and store temperature data instantly.

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3 billion reading possibilities

You just need an NFC Smartphone and approach it to the data logger so that it starts automatically! It works with Android phone and Iphone (from 7 or higher)

You are never short of solutions, there are more than 3 billion compatible smartphones in the world.

The list of NFC Smartphones


Technological, Practical and Affordable

An NFC data logger is more than just a robust and affordable temperature recorder, it gives you access to premium features like geolocation at each reading.

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