2G GSM + WIFI Transmitter Sensolabo® Wireless RF

  • Telecommunications Included* – 2G GSM Network
  • Plug & Play – Without Technical Installation
  • GSM + WIFI + Bluetooth connectivity
  • Up to 700 meters range
  • Security AES128 encryption
  • 3 finishes to adapt to all usage configurations
  • RF frequency: 869.0 MHz (Europe version)
  • European manufacturing
  • EN 12830

*Within the limit of 500MB or 10 years.

Price on request / Delivery time approximately 2 weeks.

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No communication or subscription fees.

2G Transmitter for real-time transmission of data from your Sensolabo® Wireless RF recorders.

Very simple to install, you just need to plug the Hub2G into an electrical socket, a USB socket or a cigarette lighter (adaptor supplied) for your Sensolabo Wireless RF recorders to automatically transmit all your data to the storage and visualization cloud. Compliant solution, meets FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements.

Finitions HUB 600 x 250 px

Compact and versatile, the 2G Transmitter – Real Time – can be placed in your warehouse, near your fridge or directly in the cabin of a vehicle, thus ensuring optimal connectivity.

Equipped with two LEDs, one green to indicate its operation and one flashing red to signal connection to the network, the 2G Transmitter guarantees effective monitoring of your cold chain.

With an open field range of up to 700 meters, and the ability to monitor and be alerted on radio transmission quality from your cloud space, you can easily adjust the position of your recorders to ensure seamless connectivity.

Each 2G Transmitter can connect several dozen recorders within its range, and several 2G Transmitters can be used together to cover and mesh all of your installations.

Paired with temperature or temperature and humidity loggers, this 2G Transmitter provides wireless monitoring for a variety of professional applications. Intended for professionals in healthcare, pharmaceutical logistics, refrigerated transport, as well as the food sector, Sensolabo® Wireless RF is ideal for preserving the integrity of sensitive thermo and hygro products such as:

  • Pharmaceutical products,
  • Organic Products,
  • Vaccines,
  • Labile blood products.
  • Active subtances,
  • Cosmetic products,
  • Sensitive chemicals,
  • Laboratory reagents,
  • Laboratory samples,
  • Semiconductor electronic products,
  • Works of art
  • Perishable food products…

By monitoring temperature and humidity during static storage or during transport under controlled temperature, Sensolabo® Wireless RF makes it possible to detect temperature and humidity excursions, as well as possible malfunctions (power failure, network, etc.).

Sensolabo® Wireless RF also offers the possibility of automating the sending of data and/or excursion reports by e-mail according to the desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly), which frees up valuable time.

Available in 4G version.

This Hub works both in Europe (Not in Switzerland – 4G version needed) and in more than 120 countries. Contact us about the choice of version (869.0 MHz or 920.9 MHz / 2G or 4G).

Don’t forget that all Thermolabo products and their digital access are without obligation, without installation fees, subscription fees or hidden costs!



  • Power supply: 5V-24V depending on the option selected (USB + mains adapter supplied, cigarette lighter socket, cable).
  • Authentication: 128-bit key
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to +60°C
  • Shell: ABS
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 80mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 64g (USB version without adapter)
  • Protection class: IP44
  • RF frequency: 869.0 MHz for Europe; 920.9 MHz for USA, Asia, Brazil, etc.


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