Your Needs Are Unique, Our Solutions Too!

We can produce any type of customization for your dataloggers.

Visual Customizing: We can adapt the look of your dataloggers to the graphical identity of your company through the design and implementation of dedicated stickers. This kind of personalization has many advantages including: rapid identification of your fleet, strengthening the sense of belonging for users and facilitating the acceptance of the measure...

Technical Customizing: We can add a procedure card to your dataloggers to help for a better understanding of some operating procedures, to provide specific information (site name, product name ...) or to translate your instructions in the language of the country of shipment or delivery...


Example of Postage-Paid Return Card (Recto)

exemple verso de retour pré-payé des data loggers

Example of Postage-Paid Return Card (Verso)

exemple de courrier prépayé pour le retour des data loggers

Special Operations

Do you want to add a double-sided tape on the back of your dataloggers? A postage-paid return envelope? A special packaging?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will find a solution.