Manage Data for Better Outsourcing

A true Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) monitoring software, our multi-channel web platform drives your process and manages all the information related to your monitoring activities. (Dataloggers, Electronic Data, Products Information, Subcontractors Information etc.)

It is a powerful tool for the traceability of the product flows and the dataloggers that connects Supply Chain players within a same monitoring ecosystem supervised by our teams.

It is the cornerstone of our Maas services and allows you to confidently outsource the operational tasks of your monitoring process while maintaining a perfect control of all the data.

les différents data loggers gérés par Thermolabo

The unique know-how of Thermolabo is based on the ability to centralize your various monitoring systems and collect raw data from any temperature recorder whatever its brand.


We transform your raw data into easy-to-use and uniform reports. Your teams will now get a standardized visual presentation that helps them take the right decisions.


All data are indexed to the pharmaceutical batch number or datalogger number. Access your application at any time, in case of audit you get access to your records in seconds.

Platform Screenshots

Innovative and Exclusive Features


Ability to integrate data from different source systems and integrate external data.


Integration of global mapping and ability to position your logistics sites


Integration of meteorological conditions and spatio-temporal comparison with recordings from your dataloggers.

ERP thermolabo de gestion des données, exemple d'écran et des possibilités d'impression