USB Temperature Data logger – Digital Recorder- Sensolabo® USB – Single Use 90 Days


Automatic generation of Excel + PDF files.

Measurement interval: From 1 min to 6 hours

Memory capacity: 64,000 measurements



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Temperature data logger Sensolabo® USB Single use. 90 days of measurement. (Exists Also in 60 and 120 days).

USB Technology + Cloud.

Intended for monitoring the storage conditions of temperature sensitive products and monitoring the cold chain.

Ideal for monitoring temperature-controlled transport. 100% compatible with IATA requirements for air shipments.

From -30°C to +70°C

Immediate or delayed start. Measurement activated by pressing the Start button. Automatic PDF & EXCEL Reports generation.

Integrated cloud data management platform. Automatic email alerts.

Up to 180 days of uninterrupted recording depending on the version.

Cold chain status indication by programmable red and green LEDs. Quick visualization of the product integrity.

High accuracy digital sensor (+/-0.2°C).

No technical or software installation. Thanks to the USB interface, data packets can be read out directly on a PC.

Ultra-compact format – Waterproof.

Unique serial number of the recorder on the front panel.

Positioning sticker + Self-Adhesive Transparent Plastic Pouch = INCLUDED.

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