What is data logging?

This is a process which aims to collect data through sensors in order to analyze, record and report the results. Data logging is commonly used in scientific experiments and monitoring systems that require gathering information in an extremely fast and accurate manner. In our case, the data logging is the process of collecting and processing information from the temperature recorders.

Does Thermolabo works with all types of data loggers?

Yes, Thermolabo can support all types of dataloggers. However, to have the benefit of all the functionalities of the application and for a better compliance, we strongly recommend to use dataloggers able to provide the raw data in .xls, .csv or .txt format.

Is Thermolabo an independent structure?

Yes, making the choice of Thermolabo means you choose an independent structure at a human scale and economically independent. There is no conflict of interest with you; we act on your behalf.

Is Thermolabo a scalable service?

Yes, the foundations of our evolution rests on shared experiences and all the improvements we make to our services give an automatic benefit to all of our customers. We also provide advices based on our customers’ everyday experience. Day after day, we are creating a "standard" of the datalogging able to adapt to organizational or technological changes.

Can I change my data loggers?

Yes, as we are universal, you can change the brand or the type of your dataloggers at any time and take advantage of technological improvements or innovations offered by the market or simply reduce your dataloggers purchasing costs.

My data logger management is entrusted with logistics companies, can I use Thermolabo?

Yes, it is even recommended because the flow complexity often leads to the multiplication of relationships and, ultimately, the proliferation of operational procedures and a loss of overall control. Thermolabo coordinates and operates a rationalization activity between logistics or manufacturing sites, and pharmaceutical companies on which rests ultimately the traceability requirements.

Are the temperature data really secure?

Yes, Thermolabo chose a geo-redundant storage between geographically dispersed locations: Roubaix (Northern France), Strasbourg (Eastern France) and Beauharnois (Eastern North America). In practice, the information is automatically stored on servers allowing an immediate back up in the event of failure of one of them. Also, if you want an even more exclusive service level, we can offer you the option of choosing one or more dedicated servers for storing your data.

Are the service prices of Thermolabo affordable?

Yes, contact us! You will be surprised by the competitiveness of our global offering. Without any investment, Thermolabo allows you to make immediately many indirect savings. (Best use of your qualified resources, licensing cost reduction on softwares required for the reading of dataloggers, environmental costs, ability to switch to a multi-use fleet, reducing technical specifications of dataloggers, simplification of your operational procedures, cost transparency, etc ...)